“When I was young I thought that success
was the most important thing.
Now that I’m old, I know it is.”
Oscar Wilde
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Imagine ...

leveraging your time for maximum profits by doing what you do best, and let others do the rest. We make that possible for you.

Our team at BATAVIA b.v. fulfills you desires:

Purchasing of goods

Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management.


Innovative 2014-built storage areas and logistics for cost-optimized solutions to individual capacities.


Fast, save and daily shipment according to the specifications on your orders.


Concept development, creation and deployment of advertising that sells and creates customer loyalty.

Service centre

Complete order processing, customer service and complaint resolution via telephone, mail or fax.

Quality management

Quality Management based on ISO Standards and safety according to HACCP.

For increased sales and less competition through optimized fulfillment methods, increased market share, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.